Today’s post is for all of our foreign readers, who might appear to be interested in learning more about Bulgarian folklore and traditions. I don’t know if any other country has a certain day of the year when it is believed to be bad for you to work, but here in Bulgaria we do have such a day – and it’s today!:)

On 20th July Bulgaria honors the Holy Prophet Elijah, or St. Elijah (Iliya), known as one of the most important Biblical prophets. In Bulgarian folkloric traditions, he is believed to be the patron of celestial fire, and master of summer storms, hail, rain, thunder and dew.

A popular folkloric belief about Elijah’s day, or Ilinden (Илинден) in Bulgarian, is that on this day water always takes its victims – sacrificing them to St. Elijah, as some suggest. Therefore it has always been maintained that you should not go into the sea on this day. The very dangerous rip currents have been known to be present in the sea on Ilinden.

And here comes the interesting part for all of us working souls – according to Bulgarian folklore you are also not supposed to work on Ilinden. If you do, you might get struck by thunder – which would be the direct result of you having angered the Saint for working. I must say it is a tempting thought to call it a day (workwise), and hit the beach. But then again, that’s the other place you’re not allowed to be at – and, since there’s just no better alternative to dipping in the sea on a scorching hot day like today, I might as well stay in the office after all…not long till the end of the working day anyway!:)

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