Carel Translations offers professional subtitle translations from English to Bulgarian for all kinds of video content: movies, TV series, documentaries, video presentations, video ads and many more.

Subtitle translation differs from more traditional forms of translation in a variety of aspects. In addition to the standard challenges that any translation task presents – such as transferring the meaning of the original content into the target language as accurately as possible, as well as localizing it properly so that the translated text is adapted to the relevant culture, local customs and terminology of the target market – when translating subtitles, the translator also needs to take into account certain requirements towards the subtitles’ technical parameters. These include limitations like: no more than two lines per subtitle; maximum total length of the subtitle in characters (most often 37); duration of the subtitle (the duration for which the subtitle is being shown on screen) and many more. Furthermore, where translation from English to Bulgarian is concerned, there is an added hurdle to wrestle with – the fact that the translated into Bulgarian text is almost always bigger in volume than the source text in English, which makes it even harder to both recreate the original content into Bulgarian accurately enough, on the one hand, and make it as short as possible at the same time so that the above-mentioned technical restrictions are met.

All of the above makes subtitle translation an exceptionally interesting and challenging process that requires more time and effort, not to mention solid experience. With over 25,000 translated video minutes, Carel Translations team has the required level of skill, experience and passion to deliver a most professional and high-quality translation of your subtitles.

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