We offer interpreting services from English to Bulgarian and vice versa during business meetings, seminars, conferences, interviews and all other types of international events.


  • Please note you need to submit your request for interpreting services a few days prior to the interpreting event, or as follows:
    • For Plovdiv – at least 3 days in advance
    • For Sofia – at least 5-7 days in advance
    • For Varna – at least 10-14 days in advance

  • Interpreting services are charged per hour, with the minimum charge being 1 hour regardless of whether interpreting takes a full hour or just several minutes.
  • For interpreting assignments outside of the city of Plovdiv, the client undertakes to cover the interpreter’s transportation costs as well as accommodation, food and/or other expenses, if any.
  • For the purposes of providing optimal-quality interpreting services, it is recommended that the client provides detailed information on the subject matter well in advance of the event.