Right. Here we are, yet another full month slipping away without a single post to light up Carel’s blog. Not that there isn’t a whole lot of stuff I could share with those of you kind enough to devote a few minutes to this space every now and then – but lately, time is the one thing I’ve been short of more than anything else. Sometimes I think to myself – if only there were more than 24 hours in a day! Imagine how many more things you could do with, say, an extra hour or two on your hands…But then again, that’s not guaranteed either.

Because procrastination is so deeply rooted in human nature that even if we had 48-hour long days, most of us would still end up doing not much more than we would in a normal 24-hour day.

And because writing – to me at least, has always meant having to devote a significant amount of time to sit down properly and produce something really worth reading – and not simply pour myself onto the keyboard with no particular reason or topic whatsoever in mind, just for the sake of having something posted.

Well, obviously today’s post is going to be an exception to the above because 200 words into it I am still clueless as to what the heck I am writing about today – hence the title of this post. Although “musings” here might come across as blatantly farfetched – considering musings are generally cracked up to be (a tad) more productive type of mental activity than this here.

Common knowledge says musings are supposed to involve “deep thinking”- something which this post is completely devoid of – needless to say, I should think. The “random” part of it though is an absolute winner, I think we’d all agree on that one.

It’s almost like one of those plotless movies (we’ve all seen at least one of these in our lives), where you start watching, sit through half of it patiently waiting for something to happen, then wait a bit more thinking something is clearly about to happen any minute now – no doubt about it; then further into the movie you decide that  – OK, that “something” might still be annoyingly escaping you, but you’ve watched the movie for over an hour now so you might as well stick around to the end of it, meanwhile desparately clinging to the thought that surely, “something” is bound to happen at the very end of the movie so you won’t feel miserable for having wasted an hour and a half of your precious time. And then you find yourself staring at the cast and other end credits and realize you have absolutely no idea what the movie you just watched was all about!

I am sure the exact same feeling is already relentlessly seeping through those of you brave folks out there who have somehow had the patience to reach these final words of random wisdom on my part. Because yes, this is the end of my Friday rant – and I sincerely applaud everyone who remained with me till its (very anticipated) end.

Happy Friday! 🙂

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