Friday is here and so is our Friday fun post for you! We’ve compiled a small selection of some funny translations/language blunders for you, because what better way to finish the working week than with a few good laughs?
(OK, we all know there ARE other good ways but not many of them feasible while still stuck at the office, right?)

Source: SMB Savings

Source: SMB Savings









Worried about language barrier spoiling your holiday? Well, worry no more!












Ever wanted to learn how to fall gracefully? Here’s a priceless tip!













For the sake of sanity, let’s hope it’s not an actual customer complaint that provoked this statement…











Whatever happened to good old-fashioned water and washing powder?

Having to wash your toys in coleslaw salad… Kids (or their moms, rather) just never have it easy these days!












OK, people – you have been warned. Choose any other place but this one!












Yep, smoking is such a noisy habit! Please smoke as quietly as possible.













OK, so we agree shoplifters should be punished, but isn’t this a tad too drastic?

(word of advice to shoplifters: either wear full body armour or better yet – quit shoplifting for good. It’s likely to turn out a life-saving decision)










Trust me, no one in their right mind would.

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