Take the first step


Here’s a great quote to end the working week with – and a lovely desktop wallpaper you can feel free to download if you want.

How many of you have waited until you knew everything there is to know about something, before you set out to do it? I know I never have and I doubt there are many who can honestly say they have. Yes, you may have the most elaborate plan ironed out in advance and yet you cannot possibly foresee every little thing that might come into play eventually – I am sure we’ve all seen that happening.

This is not to say plans are not necessary – of course they are and it always does help to have a good plan.

All I’m saying is you shouldn’t be deterred even if you don’t have it all mapped out.  Just take that first step – even if it seems more of a headlong plunge sometimes!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! 🙂

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