5pmweb Project Management Software

5pmweb Project Management Software

It all started when our Project Manager Peter Dimov recommended 5pm time management software to me. We had been looking into similar products available online, searching for the one that would best match our company-specific needs.

Then Peter brought 5pm up (he had been a paying user for quite some time) and suggested I had a look at it too – so I did, and liked it a lot! Eventually we also came up with the idea of translating 5pm’s interface into Bulgarian, and I took up the challenge immediately.

The translation itself was a very pleasant and easy process – due to the interface being very user-friendly and straightforward. Well, of course there were the occasional (small) linguistic stumbling blocks – for example the fact that in Bulgarian, all adjectives (including possesive ones such as my, our, your, etc) agree in both gender and number with the nouns they accompany. While in English they don’t.

And whenever you have a sentence saying, for example – “please check our” , or an adjective only (e.g. “hidden”, “generated“, etc) – in English, it can be a noun of any gender and/or number that would go along with them. But in Bulgarian, all examples given would change their form depending on the gender and number of the noun they relate to.

Apart from that minor hassle though, the translation as I said was a pleasure and was completed in no time. It was also great communicating with 5pm team in the process – they always promptly answered any queries and offered to assist where needed.

To sum up, introducing 5pm time management software to our company and subsequently translating it into Bulgarian has been a very positive experience – and I would highly recommend that you try this product yourselves. If you are looking for a better way to stay organized, you and your team can benefit a lot from this intuitive web-based project management tool. Try it now. You will simply love it. http://www.5pmweb.com

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