This is a special proposal from Carel Translations to any business or individual who might appear to be interested – regardless of your scope of activity.


What you get:

Free translation of up to 250-300 words from/to Bulgarian; or

Free content – in the form of a guest blog post or article written by us on any topic you might find interesting


What does it cost you:

Nothing. The only thing we ask in return for any of the above free services, would be featuring our company on your website.

This could be done by:

–          Creating a profile page for us on your website containing brief information about our company, blog and website.

–          Placing our company banner on your website


We are also open to other options and arrangements that you might have in mind with regard to this.

What you need to do

Please complete the below form and we will get in touch with you to discuss how we can benefit from each other.


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