Foreign languages

Minionese: a real language or gibberish? Find out here!

Ever wondered if those lovable yellow Minions that have taken the world by storm speak a real language? Hard to believe they do, you’d say – what with all their not-making-any-sense mumbling and babbling – and you’d be perfectly right to

Superstitions galore: Friday 13th & full moon mix (or my take on it)

  Must be quite a challenging day today for all superstitious folk out there – Friday 13th coinciding with a full moon! With the full moon colliding with this year’s one and only Fri 13th, today would appear to be an extra-spooky day for some. So

Carel Translations interpreting for DER SPIEGEL

  It is my pleasure to tell you more about an exciting interpreting assignment that Carel Translations handled recently – an interview of our national wrestling team’s head coach Armen Nazaryan for DER SPIEGEL.

Lost in translation or our Friday fun compilation (rhyme unintented)

Friday is here and so is our Friday fun post for you! We've compiled a small selection of some funny translations/language blunders for you, because what better way to finish the working week than with a few good laughs? (OK, we all know there ARE other good ways but not many

International Translation Day 2012 around Europe

Today's post is of course dedicated to Sep 30th - International Translation Day. Here's a brief overview of the various events organised in celebration of ITD 2012 across Europe. In London, several British literary organizations are hosting a special symposium to mark

More practical tips for effective foreign language learning

Wow – if this space isn't more deserted than a desert (pun intended), I don't know what is! With many new assignments and interesting new projects going on lately here at Carel, I hadn’t even realized a whole

Learning a foreign language: experience-derived tips (part II)

Today we’ll focus again on some more practical tips for learning a foreign language – in continuation of our first post of this series. 1. Time management: yes, the constant lack of time is a chronic issue for

Here’s to all the ladies!

In honor of March 8th – International Women’s day, today’s post is of course dedicated to all the ladies. Being a woman myself, I couldn’t help but

International Mother Language Day 2012

International Mother Language Day is observed every year on 21 February worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The International Mother Language Day was proclaimed by the General Conference of the

Did you know? Interesting facts about Alaska and its culture

The fierce winter that has come upon us in the past few weeks has inevitably left our thoughts more or less preoccupied with the weather and the plummeting